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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Meet P

Meet P. P is my boss at OC, although we can all agree on who the boss really is. In fact, all new hires get introduced to me as the "boss lady." They are also introduced to the manner of how Boss Lady is treated around these parts. One of our brand new guys was waiting by the door when I arrived one day last week. He held the door open for me. When I came in, I looked around the corner into the sewer office. Sure enough, the whole sewer crew was standing there smiling. They were teaching him well.

P had surgery on the 11th. He was gone for almost two weeks. I actually missed him - which is saying a lot since we usually bicker and tease and irritate one another. However, on Tuesday he was back to his old form. He would not stop shooting rubber bands at me. I was losing my patience quickly. I was trying to have a professional phone conversation and rubber bands kept flying by my head. He thought it was the best time ever. I did not.

Meet P.

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