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Monday, December 5, 2016

Nauvoo & Some Nana Lovin'

Last night, we drove down to Sandy to have dinner with Pops and Nana. I tried to think of something that would boost her spirits. Who doesn't want a foot rub?! Nana got a foot massage and a fresh coat of bright pink polish. She just relaxed. It made me happy to be taking care of her for a few moments. She is doing so well! Her bone pain and neuropathy are under control with meds. She hasn't vomited yet. She still has most of her hair, although it will be coming out soon. She smiles and sleeps. That's all we expect of her!
Saturday night, the children and I went to Old Nauvoo. It was our ward Christmas party and it was done SO well! We took a couple of neighbor kids with us, because we really seem to not go any place without extra kiddos. The boys were SO embarrassed by my outfit, but I was on point! Once we got there, they realized they were the ones who were out of place! I rocked that dress like nobody's business!

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