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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Yesterday morning, I was SUPER excited. We were going to active shooter training and I was stoked. I was so prepared to be a ninja and I could not contain my excitement. Fast forward four hours and we arrived at the building. I immediately wanted to go home. I did NOT want to be there. P was there. Rock was there. X-man was there. I had my guys who would never let anything bad happen to me but I wanted OUT. It was intense. It was a four hour ordeal. We went through classroom training. Then we went through four different situations. The first was the "fight" part. If the offender is within 21 feet of you - you need to prepare to engage. I didn't like this part. I mean, I love kicking people and punching and kneeing. But, the thought of engaging someone with a knife or a gun who is intent on killing you was not my idea of fun. Then, we went to the negotiate part - the talk the person down part. Screw that! I'm not going to talk to someone nicely who wants to kill me!! Then, we went to the active shooter (and they used guns - with blanks - but guns!) part. It was an office building set up. They had us walking through and then they shot that damn gun. I was out! I mean like - run Forest run - OUT. I ran and didn't stop. Others barricaded themselves in. Some hid. I just ran like a bat-crap-crazy woman! Finally, we assessed the day and went home. I was traumatized. I am not a ninja. I am a runner.
You know who is a ninja, though? This beauty right here:

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