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"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Still Here

I just realized that I haven't posted for a week. It's certainly not because nothing is going on. Heaven knows there is always something going on!

We have seen so many blessings over the last week: the junior high sent home a huge (Santa-like) garbage bag filled with underwear, socks, jammies and stocking stuffers for the boys. Kohl's bought each of the boys some clothes and warm, wool socks. Our Bert filled our fridge with food and our hearts with love. He also gave each of the boys some cash for Christmas. Gosh, I love him so dearly. An anonymous family left us with a box full of gifts, including nerf guns, sweaters for the boys, cologne, candy, and a 60 minute massage for this mama. My Becky came and took me to lunch Friday. I feel awful, as I cried most of the hour. She is so full of the Spirit. Always. She is one of my safe places, and oh, how I love her. PLUS, she gifted me my first Vera bag. Awwww! I will never use another purse/bag! Saturday, I went to a movie with my Sassy Sara. We laughed and shoved popcorn in our faces. It was perfect.

Yesterday, I got to work long enough to turn my computer on then headed right back out to get Colton from school because he was having a puke fest. An hour later, I went and got Braxton to take him to take his learner's permit test. He failed both tries. Jackson will take him back on Thursday to try again. Then, the three oldest boys started counseling last night.

I met with the counselor first. He wanted a background on each of the boys, individually, then on us as a family. After me giving details for about 15 minutes, he stopped me and just stared at me. He said, "How is it that you are still standing?" I told him that I don't know any different. I don't know stability or a lack of constant anxiety about what is going to fall from the sky next. I don't know anything different than really tough trials. And neither do my boys, which is why we are here. Good luck with us, Andrew!!

We are ready for a new year. We are ready for a new start, again. We are ready for lots of laughter and lots of hugs and lots of fun, mixed in with the trials that we know will come because that's why we are here afterall.

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