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Friday, December 2, 2016

You Know What's Funny?

I am sassy. I walked right into my Streets guys' office with my hands on my hips and told them that someone was parked in "my" parking spot. Greg, our Streets supervisor, looked at me and said, "You know what's funny?" Uhhh, that my hands are on my hips and I'm even saying anything about this??!! Then, I go out and see this:
They make me laugh.

You know what else is kind of funny? Colton has never been able to do jeans or button/zipper pants. It's a sensory issue. Well, this morning he decided that he could only wear shorts. It's like 10 degrees. I tried everything to get him to wear his joggers, but he insisted that they were all dirty. So, he wore MY joggers to school today and he was perfectly happy about it. He even said, "Mama, what if I fart in your joggers?" I reminded him that he needs to try to make it to the bathroom. He was just wanting to make sure that if he didn't, it was okay if he farted in my joggers.

And, that is why Autism is a blessing. In the midst of heartache and trials, his world is always bliss.

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