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Monday, January 9, 2017

Busy, Busy Life

There was a time when my four boys were all so little and so dependent on me. Now, they are so big and doing their own things. This mama heart is so grateful that they have much to do with friends and loved ones. However, this mama heart sometimes longs for the times when I had them all to myself, too. I can't remember the last time all five of us were able to have date night. Jackson is working or with friends. Braxton has a girlfriend. Kaydon helps Bert often. Colton is my home-body. Saturday night, after I had been at work all day, I told Kaydon and Colton that we were going to dinner when I got home from the gym. And, off we went to Garcias.

In the middle of eating, Colton (with a completely straight face) said, "Mom. Did you know that your mama got locked in a grocery store and starved to death?" Kaydon was like, "UH! Colton, you aren't supposed to tell mama jokes to Mom!!" Colton didn't realize it was a joke! It was so funny. I was snorting!

I love these boys of mine. They are growing up so fast!

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