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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just Laugh Out Loud

The last two days have been rough! Somehow, our friendly residents in Utah seem to forget that they live in a location where it is cold and it snows. They seem to believe that they are the only residents in the entire city. Then, they seem to think it is completely appropriate to call me and my staff names, throw shovels and other things at my drivers, call them names, flip them off, and stand in the middle of the road to block them from plowing their street. I can only handle that behavior for so long. I believe my record of handling that behavior is approximately 27.9 seconds. Then, I flip a lid.

The last two days, I have flipped my lid more than once. I have reminded people that they are responsible for their own behavior and that I would like to remind them that my guys missed Christmas, New Year's, and the last three weekends to be in their plows - ensuring that they have the opportunity to get to where they want to go. Then, I was called a "bitch." Ba-bye.

Luckily, I have these great reminders that surround my desk. My positive affirmation for today is "laugh out loud." And, I have. And, it helps. I have another sign on my office that says, "Today I Choose Joy." When I laugh out loud, I am choosing joy.

Please, Dear Lord, let Spring come about three months early.

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