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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Girls Gotta Laugh

This post will kill two birds with one stone. Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever.

Yesterday was a rough one. Both jobs were highly stressful. I haven't worked out for a few days, which I do so that I can deal with stress. I was pretty uptight and wound up last night at the second job. E thought it would be a good idea to make me laugh, so he sent me a silly picture. It worked.

He's a pretty good looking guy, if you asked me. Which, you didn't, but I'll tell you anyways.

Grandma texted me yesterday about E. For the record, we are dating. It's VERY new and very fun. Nothing at all serious. Nothing at all future-wise. Just going on dates. The boys know about E. They have not met him, although they've asked to. I don't think it's time for any of that yet. I haven't met his kiddos either. Like I said, nothing serious - just going on dates. I love that we are looked after and that people care so much about us to ask about all of this. We are so loved and I am so thankful.

After I got the goofy picture, I sent back a sassy one. Did I mention my hair is currently pinkish purple? When I look in the mirror and think I'm having a hard day, I remind myself that my hair is pinkish purple and I can do anything!!!

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