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Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites - Hair Product

I have this awful naturally curly/wavy/wacky hair. Sometimes (a lot lately) I have just not been in the mood to spend the three minutes it takes to straighten my hair. So, the last couple of days this girl has gone to work with the curly/wavy/wacky hair I was born with. It does, however, require some product. If there is no product, it turns into frizzy/ugly/even more wacky hair. So, I use Jackson's product. It's Hanz de Fuko. (That kind of looks like a bad word, huh?) Anywho, it is awesome-sauce. It's a little on the extreme side. Like, don't use very much. Like, your fingers might stick together all day. But, it holds this curly/wavy/wacky hair in place all day for this girl!

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