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Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites - Nicknames

Nicknames make me so happy. When I was a little girl, my dad called me "Tweetheart." Grandpa Nef always called Brandon, "Bud." When I had kids, they each had a nickname:

Jackson: Bubba
Braxton: Peanut
Kaydon: Buddha
Colton: Boogie or Pookie

I also had nicknames for Josh's kids:
Brooklyn: Little Miss, Lady Cakes, Woman, Sis
Treyvan: Goober

And, there are others:

Sarah: Miss Birdie
Teresa: Miss T
Becky: B Beck
Maureen: Mo
Heidi: Mommy Martha
Shaleece: Leece
Sara: Sassy Pants or Sass
Xavier: X or X-man
Kalynn: Kay Kay
Gus: Gusalopolaus
Perry: P
Greg: Boss Man
Bill: Billiam
Jeff: Jeffer
Nate: Nathaniel
Kyanna: Kiki
Shyanna: Shy
The list really goes on and on and on. If I don't have a nickname for you, I will soon. And, it will be epic... or at least awesome.

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