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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hold On!

Hello. My name is Heidi. I have a problem. I over-think.

I should seriously start a help group for people just like me. But then I would think about it all of the time and it would create the need for more help for me, less for others in the group. Anywho, I have a serious problem.

It might be the fact that my husband had a child with someone else. I mean, let's be honest - that can cause a whole lot of problems that we don't need to get in to right now. It might be the fact that I watch Forensic Files like an addict. It might be the fact that I have to analyze everything in my life. It might be the fact that I probably need to up my dose of medication. Whatever it is, I have a problem. Did I mention I have a problem??

Eric is trying to help me knock this stuff off. He has discovered that I over-think everything. Every word he says. Every little picture he sends me. Every plan we make. I over-think all of it. Yesterday, he called me. We talked for a few minutes, then I went in to a meeting. All I thought about that entire meeting was our conversation and I kept questioning (in my mind) what we talked about. After the meeting, I sent him a text that was about 1,000 words, telling him that I was so sorry for this and that and the other. He just replied, "Babe. Stop giving yourself a hard time. Just laugh." Oh. That was literally my response. "Oh."

My positive affirmation card today reads, "You are terrific. YAY!"

I'm going to work on over-thinking that sucker!

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