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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kicking Cancer's Arce

Yesterday was the day that the surgeon went in and took out the rest of that cancer. Miracles happen. Know why? The only thing the surgeon had to take out was that ovary. No bowel. No other organs. That bowel had cancer in it. Not now. Nana has four holes in her tummy. Nothing but a thing that is. The boys and I drove down yesterday and loved on that Nana. She won't remember it, but we don't care. We have pictures. Pops was right... we should have audio recorded what she was saying because it was priceless. She LOVED cranberry juice yesterday. Colton is a good boy. Who is Eric? How are P and Rock? Who is Jackson's new girlfriend? Kaydon is handsome. Pops has great ideas. It's weird that Braxton isn't the one in the hospital. She is tired of the bed. She wants a shake, except she throws them up so not today.

Oh, how we love this badass?!!!!!!!

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