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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Long Weekend Full of Dates

It was a glorious weekend. Seriously, it was. Friday, Eric and I drove out to Wendover. It was such a relaxing drive. It was rainy and a bit stormy. We talked about his grandpa. I LOVE stories about his grandpa. I would have loved on that man like crazy. We talked about our kids. We talked about the big pile of salt sitting out by Grantsville that my guys could certainly haul back for the residents of OC. We got to Wendover and ate a completely disgusting dinner. Poor Eric. His ribs came out and we could not cut them with the sharpest steak knife there was. He had a potato and Danish from the coffee shop for dinner. When we finished that awesome experience, he handed me a $20 bill and I sat at a penny machine. On the second $.30 I spent, we won $150. We left that machine and cashed in my winnings. Then, we headed over to the concert hall. It was raining a bit during our walk over, but we didn't care. We met up with this cousins there and enjoyed the concert. Easton Corbin was great. The venue is amazing. There really isn't a bad seat there. After the concert, we headed back to the Peppermill. Eric got four $5 chips and sat at the Roulette table. He won $110 and we took off. Quite the gamblers we are! We drove back Saturday morning. I fell asleep on his arm and rode back most of the way just like that. Poor guy.

Saturday, after I woke up, the boys and I went to lunch and a movie. Oh, how I love my dates with these four. They make me laugh so hard. I love that they move plans with friends so that they can hang out with their mama. They are so fun! My boys are amazing. I know that I say that pretty often, but seriously. They are perfection.

Sunday, Kaydon spoke in Sacrament. Papa and Grandma had a date and came up to hear him speak. He did such a great job! I love that kid so much.

I had a date with my closing shift at Kohl's Sunday night.

Monday the boys spent time with friends and I had a date with the grocery store. See? Perfection!

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