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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Our Trial and Triumph - A Week Full of Blessings

1. My new Valentine's shoes
2. A little break to Wendover
3. Sharing Klondike bars with P
4. Braxton one-on-one time
5. KK coming in my room in the middle of the night for snuggles
6. Valentine's date with Jackson
7. Colton texting me the most awesome things during the day
8. Nana getting peach fuzz on her head again!
9. Crock pots
10. Purple/pink hair
11. Hats (see above photo) - Friday started off a little rough
12. Funny You Tube videos
13. Beds, pillows, blankets, hot water, appliances, carpet, heat, windows
14. The dang sun shining
15. Crystal Light, still
16. Laughter. I seriously love to freaking laugh.
17. Snuggles
18. Miss Birdie
19. The new Younique mascara - badass!!
20. Babies

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