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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Our Trial and Triumph - A Week Full of Blessings

1. Mailed in divorce papers... again... for the umpteenth time...
2. Colton's genetic testing
3. Patient teachers
4. Diet Coke (just the one per day makes this mama happy)
5. Eric's surprise visit at work on Thursday. The girls were swooning. So cute!
6. Being able to talk to RRH
7. Being able to make dinner for kids four nights this week
8. My cute grandma
9. Mama is feeling so much better
10. Protein shakes
11. Kaydon's awesome Sacrament talk
12. 5,000 calendars to keep me straight
13. Date nights
14. Ability to pay bills
15. Ability to multi-task like a boss (even though I need to be on medication)
16. Quitting Facebook
17. Music
18. Kay's homemade protein balls
19. I get to see my Miss V on Tuesday
20. Ability to make a difference (we all have it)

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