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Monday, March 27, 2017

Bert Baby

Bert works on Temple Square each week. The elderly ladies there call him, "Bert Baby." He hates that. Like, a lot. So, Kaydon calls him that too!

Kaydon took this picture of Bert last week. It is pretty much perfect!
Bert and Kaydon are planning a summer road trip! They are going to Nauvoo. Kaydon is pretty dang excited about that!

These two have been such a blessing to each other. Bert has never married, but adopted a son years and years ago. His son is now grown, married, and the father of four grown children. Bert works with antiques, and always has. He is extremely knowledgable and talented! Kaydon likes to learn about the antiques and go to different stores with him to see them.

Kaydon told Bert that he wants to earn his own money to buy a computer, so Bert has lined up lots of jobs for Kaydon to do to earn that money.

Kaydon and Bert love to go get discount donuts on Tuesday nights from the local grocery store. They also like to go to the DI.

Bert has been such a blessing to our family, and especially to KK. We sure love that Bert Baby!!

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