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Monday, March 20, 2017

Big Girl Toys

Basically every single time one of my guys mentions a big project they need to do to P, I chime in and say, "I CAN DO THAT!!!!" And, basically every single time I do that, P shakes his head and says, "No. NO, you can't do that Ray." Then I basically get really sad.

Mr. Watkins was telling P that his crew would have the excavator at Mt. Lewis to get it ready to be graded. "I CAN DO THAT!" Finally. Finally, P said, "If you are good this week, we'll see." You guys, I was on my bestest behavior. Basically!! Guys, I was totally SO good!

So, on Friday P loaded me in the truck and off to Mt. Lewis we went. Mr. Watkins was right there, cheering me on because I basically acted like a four year old on my first Christmas morning! I only get to play in the big machines like once a year! This excavator was enormous. P got in and made me a pile of dirt. He runs that thing like it's nothing! Then, it was my turn. P walks away because he doesn't feel great about his decision to let me do this. Mr. Watkins climbs on for a minute until I feel comfortable. Then, Chris shouts from below what buttons to push and which way to move the joystick. And, this girl... this girls right here is basically in heaven... digging holes and making piles and just giggling the whole time.

When I got out, P reminded me that this was my once-a-year worth of fun. I was so stinking happy that I didn't even care!!!

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