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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Coming Home

Little Asher is coming home tonight! He and his mommy, along with Papa (my daddy) are flying home. To say I am excited is seriously the biggest understatement of all time. Of ALL time.

I could seriously just move my boys and I in to their house so that I can love on him all the time. Unfortunately, that's not really my role. I'm the auntie. I keep reminding myself of that. I have offered my night time services on Friday and Saturday nights because Angel Baby likes to be awake all night. I think that would be perfect bonding time for Asher and Auntie!

I called my dad last night to see how things were going. Asher had just peed all over his mama. Asher is SO aware and is almost always just staring at his mama's eyes. Asher's little brother, who is in his mama's tummy until May, kicks a lot more when Asher is on her belly. I bet his little brother is wondering why Asher got to come play on Earth first! I bet they are going to be a riot!!

I hope his cheeks don't get chaffed from this auntie kissing them constantly!!

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