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Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites - Great Deals

Heaven knows that this girl does not like shopping AND Heaven also knows that I am only able to buy when there is a great deal. I really love boutique-type shops. I think that it's great when moms get together and create goodness, you know? I see cute stuff all of the time on Instagram and Facebook. But, a BOGO deal caught my eye on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. It included free shipping. Done and done. The catch was that you choose an item, and then they surprise you with a free item. This can be tricky. I've done this before and the free item has been crap. Like, a wristband or something that is completely pointless and that they are only sending to me because ain't nobody gonna buy it! But, I was SO pleasantly surprised! For $8, I got a skirt and the CUTEST free top! It is so fun and I was so happy!

The skirt:

I highly recommend this company. I got it quick. I had a couple of questions, and they were so speedy when answering them. They were patient and so great to work with!

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