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Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Said Yes

This 17 year old boy of mine asked me on a date. I said yes. Duh!

When I got home yesterday, he said that as soon as I was ready, we'd go. I was ready! He drove me to Tepanyaki! People! This boy of mine drove me to a fancy restaurant. As he always does, he opened every door for me and made sure I ordered first. He told me that I could pick whatever I wanted! I had chicken and shrimp and he had steak and chicken.
We talked the entire time. It was the best date!

I don't do everything right. I probably do more wrong than I do right. But, I've done something right with these boys. When I was asked to be their mama before we came here, I am positive that I didn't hesitate at all before I said yes.

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