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Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend in Layton, Utah. Sunday, after church, the three boys and I went to Adam's Canyon. Jackson fell out of a tree on Friday and was not able to walk right, let alone hike. So he stayed home. Braxton and Kaydon ran up and down hills and mountains. Colton and I just hiked along the trail. It was the perfect climate for hiking! Colton did really, really good. It wore him right out, too. It was just what he needed. It was what we all needed!
When we got home, I made dinner. Then Jackson decided he wanted to make cookies with me. While we made chocolate chip cookies, we face-timed with Kiki (Kyanna). Jackson and Kyanna have been close since 7th grade. I am pretty much positive they are going to get married. I absolutely adore that girl!

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