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Friday, March 31, 2017


Friday Favorites will return next week... promise.

Last night, I was at the gym. I'm there four nights a week. Me and the meat heads are there four nights a week. They groan and throw weights. I tell them to knock it off. It's a happy relationship, really.

Anywho, I focused on back and biceps last night. Tonight will be legs. Saturday will be triceps/chest/shoulders. Two nights a week I do legs. Two nights a week, I break up upper body. Do you know what I love about working out? Getting stronger. Physically and mentally and emotionally. I love that I am getting stronger. I love that I am increasing weight and that my mind is forcing my body to do things that it just wants to give up on.
Last night, as I looked at this picture, I wondered what my heart and my brain must look like if this is what my biceps look like. They must getting so strong, too. They must LOOK different, I thought. They sure feel different. They feel so strong. They feel so much more healthy. They feel so much more aware. They feel so much more vocal, too!

This weekend, we will be in Sandy to watch Conference with Nana and Pops. I'll slip out to have lunch with someone, and then I'll be back to love on that Nana and spend time with my boys. We will pray for something specific that we need answers to, and then we will listen for the answer. I have zero doubt that it will come.

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