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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Rough Week

Without much understanding of why, Colton is really struggling as of late. He is having a very difficult time in school. He is yelling out, being disruptive and just leaving class. In fact, he's leaving the school on the wrestling bus and ending up at different schools around the valley. He is being disrespectful and is really struggling to keep focused.

I took him to his Autism check-up a couple of weeks ago. He has put on more weight, which is an issue when it comes to medication management. His doctor has changed one of the doses for him. However, until his body is used to it, it makes him very tired. Like, he sleeps most of the day. He was sick Monday and Tuesday and slept for the majority of those two days.

Last night, he was literally missing until 7:30. We had no clue where he was. He texted Jackson and said he was staying after school to do homework. Colton doesn't have homework. It's just been a really difficult situation for all of us.

Here's to hoping that we can help him find his center and find some consistency and "normal" again.

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