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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pops, The Interrogator

Oh, Pops. Last week, I stopped by to check on the Nana. I had someone with me who I wanted her to meet. It just so happened that Pops was there too! Lucky B!!! Pops asked the following questions:
* Are you gay?
* Do you plan on having children with anyone that is not Heidi?
* Do you hit women and children?
* How do you feel about going to the car wash on the first date?
* Can you handle her???? She's sassy!

Cute B just laughed. He and Pops hit it off great. He answered all of the questions with the correct answers! Pops said, "She is my daughter, so I have to make sure to do my job!" I loved that so much! He was getting right in there, being protective! He and Nana are so funny and always make each other and everyone else laugh.

We sure do love them so much!!!!

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