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Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites - Clothing Exchange

I am a girl who seriously dislikes shopping. Like, a lot. I am also a girl with very little money to do any shopping anyhow. I have four teenage boys who will not stop growing at incredible rates of speed. Seriously. If I go a season (winter or summer) without wearing something in my closet, then obviously I don't need it. So, I bag it up and take it to my favorite clothing store:

Sometimes they buy my used clothing, and when they do I simply exchange it for other pieces that I find in the store. I leave there not paying a dime for clothing. If they don't buy it, they donate it to foster kids - which I absolutely LOVE so much.

This is really my favorite way to shop. I give them the stuff I haven't worn for half a year. I pick out clothes that I adore. It's a win win and I love that!

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