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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Little Dude

My Saturday and most of my Sunday were spent with Little Dude and his new baby brother. I have nicknames for everyone! Jackson is Bubba. Braxton is Peanut. Kaydon is Buddha. Colton is Boogie. I've decided on Little Dude for Asher. I need to bond a little more with Anson before I decide on one for him. Little Dude and I bonded lots this weekend. We did tummy time, sat in the bumbo for a little bit, watched softball, watched music videos, sang and danced, did some bath time... we practiced open mouth, slobbery kisses, he pooped all over me, the wall, and everything else. We laughed and told stories. He is currently my favorite. Just saying.

Carrie is nursing Anson. She would get up, nurse him, then put him down and take medicine so that she could rest. Brandon took care of errands and yard work and was able to get some good naps in. I absolutely love this time of my life. My boys are amazing. Being an auntie is amazing. I just love these boys in my life!!

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