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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I spent last week in Oklahoma. The wind was off the hook. Trees are permanently leaning one direction... what trees there are. There was a Wal-mart, but not a big-chain grocery store. There was a Chik-Fil-A. There was a mall, with two book-end stores and nothing in between. For real. There was a nightclub and bowling alley... right next to each other. Downtown is quaint, but a lot of stores are closed down, much like the mall. Most houses are on large pieces of property, with enormous front yards. The hotel we stayed at got hit by lightening, requiring three room changes. No big deal, really. I spent the entire week relaxing. I colored for hours. I watched every movie that has ever been made... pretty sure! I walked across the four lane highway to see a movie in the only theater where there are wooden chairs, some covered in bed sheets because the fabric is coming off. I walked to one of the local, family-owned grocery stores. Everyone is so, extremely friendly... genuinely sincere. Few people have all of their teeth. But, they are so happy and so kind.

When I got home, I saw a note Jackson had left for Brothers. I am so dang proud of my boys. Nana was too sick to stay with them, so the boys were on their own. Jackson got himself and Braxton to and from work as much as he could. Uncle Brandon helped one day. Jackson got himself and Brothers to and from school every day. They ate the pre-made meals I left for them. They helped each other and supported each other. No one was injured! I am so grateful I got a week of relaxation and being spoiled... and spoiled, I was. I am so grateful my boys were safe and protected and that they got a break from Mom as well.

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