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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Birthday Buddies

I always wished that I had my own birthday. Seriously. I didn't even get one birthday all by myself. Brandon went and ruined my big day by being born on my first birthday! But, seriously, I am so grateful he was. I am so grateful for him, his wisdom, his wise-crack personality, his strength, and his example to me. He really is such a fantastic husband, daddy, and provider for his family. He is running a successful chiropractic practice. He is a movie-buff, an MTV Classics addict, a camper, and a great uncle.

My boys absolutely trust him and rely on him. They confide in him when they won't talk to anyone else. I think we have become even closer since these little nuggets of him were born. Last week, I was holding Asher when Brandon came home from work. I was trying to put Asher down for a nap, but he heard his daddy come in and popped right up. Brandon came right over, scooped him up, and talked to him for a bit before he brought him back to me.

Happy 39th birthday to my birthday buddy! I love you, B.

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