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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Love Notes

I have always loved writing notes to my boys. I feel like I am much more able to articulate my feelings in writing. Sometimes I am lucky enough to receive notes back from them. I love them so much.

Last night, this note was in my bathroom. It was from Colton.

Colton's friend, Jamari, is having a birthday this week and it is quite important to Colton that we get Jamari a gift. This note tells me that he would like to get Jamari a football movie that's a true story and some hi-chews (which happen to be Colton's favorite candy). He would also like Jamari to sleep over at our house tonight.

I will surely stop and pick up what he has requested for his friend. I believe I shall also get some balloons and possible cupcakes for the kids in the complex to enjoy while they celebrate Jamari's birthday and while I celebrate my boys' ability to show kindness and adoration for other people.

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