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Thursday, June 22, 2017

That Baby

Asher missed his auntie while I was gone. I headed over to his house after I dropped Braxton off at work on Sunday, and we bonded most of the rest of the day. This baby is smiling and talking and drooling and laughing and getting so excited. He loves music, open mouth kisses with auntie, being outside, and watching movies. He's been a little sick the last week, or so. Poor little man.

I went over Tuesday night to help his mama and he and I had to take a little walk outside so that he could calm down. I seriously cannot get enough of this baby. Little Anson is also getting so big and is such a good eater and sleeper! I sat Anson up next to Asher on Tuesday, and Asher was fine until he noticed I was holding Anson, then he started to sad-cry. I picked him up with the other hand and he buried his head in my shoulder. He was a little jealous. Sweet boy!

Being an auntie is seriously the greatest right now! I am loving these babies so much!

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