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Monday, June 5, 2017

Their Daddy

I spent yesterday at Brandon and Carrie's house to help again with the boys. Sweet Carrie is so tired and is trying so hard to keep routines and schedules in place. Sweet Asher loves his auntie and was such a good boy. We did tummy time and sat in the bumbo. We sang songs and talked and gave lots of kisses. Sweet Anson is having some tummy problems and mostly screamed the entire day.

Brandon made Carrie go lay down in the late afternoon and he dealt with Anson. Asher woke up from a nap, so I sat him next to his daddy while I made his bottle. I love this picture. I told Brandon how proud I am of him and what an amazing job he is doing. He is a fantastic chiropractor, who supports his family willingly and happily. When he is home, he is fully involved. He is hands-on and constantly parenting. He feeds them, changes them, bathes them, dresses them, watches MTV Classics with them. He does the house work and laundry. He cooks meals. He is a very loving and supportive husband and is an amazing dad. I really am so proud of him!

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