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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Update - Brackalacka

Braxton is 15... will be 16 in August.
Height: 6'2 1/2"
Hair: Still short on the sides and longer on top.

Braxton will be a sophomore next year. He will be taking driver's ed the first semester. He is a good driver and drives the stick shift really well. Brax is working at Lagoon this summer and also just got a part-time job with the school district to be a janitor. Braxton is sensitive, loyal, emotional, fragile, and kind. He is a hard worker. He is creative and a very good artist. His drawings are pretty amazing.

Braxton is currently dating a girl named Camryn (Cam). Her mom works at the school with the special needs kids. My boys take turns each day with who is responsible for Colton. When it's Braxton's day, he usually takes Colton over to Cam's to jump on the tramp or go on a motorcycle ride. Colton just loves it!

Braxton continues to have health challenges. He was recently diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes constant, severe headaches. He will have this for the rest of his life. He takes precautionary medicine and then is learning to do what he can to help the symptoms. Braxton is our fixer. He can fix almost anything that is broken. He likes to ask me to go on drives with him, which is pretty awesome.

I love you so, so much Peanut!

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