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Monday, June 12, 2017

Update - Jackalacka

Jackson is 17... will be 18 in August.
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Still short on sides and longer on top.
Jackson will be a senior in high school this year. I seriously cannot believe that. My baby boy will be a senior! Jackson is sensitive, kind, loyal, helpful, responsible beyond his years. He still works at Cold Stone in Layton as a crew leader. Jackson isn't sure yet what he wants to do right after he graduates, but I know that he'll make the right choices.

Jackson is good about dating different girls. Right now, he really likes a girl named Jaydon. Jacks tries to go down to Sandy a few times a year to spend time with his best friend, Dalton. They are such great friends and bring out the best in each other. Jackson is a gamer, and came in first place in a gaming-development competition. He also likes to spend time with his family (which is totally awesome), go to movies, and chill with friends.

Jackson is the most generous kiddo. He went with me to take Colton to his last Autism check-up. Colton introduced him as his big brother who has a cute girlfriend! Colton's doctor asked Jackson how he has handled all of the responsibilities that have been on him at such a young age. Jackson said, "I feel pretty lucky. I feel like it's made me more mature. Kids my age don't handle themselves the same way. They feel like things are just handed to them. I know that's not how life works." She was so impressed with him, and so was I. He is such a great help to me and to his brothers.

I love you so, so much Bubba!

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