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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Update - Kaydabada

Kaydon is 14... will be 15 in August.
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Still short on the sides and longer on top

Kaydon will be a freshman this year. He has worked super hard in school and really focuses and concentrates on his work. Kaydon got a part-time job with the school district, doing janitorial work. He is a very hard worker. Kaydon is emotional, funny, an introvert, loyal, and loving. He is also very organized and routine-oriented.

Kaydon still spends a lot of time with Bert. Bert calls him Kaydoni. Kaydon is good to Bert and Bert is so good to Kaydon. They like to go to the temple, do service projects, and go shopping for antiques. Kaydon also likes to collect swords. He is very much into the real art of mixed martial arts. He is super talented with different moves that he does. Kaydon also loves movies.

Kaydon is very aware of my emotions and my situations. He is such a tender boy and loves to be happy.

I love you so, so much Buddha!

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