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Friday, June 16, 2017

Update - Mama

I am 40!
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Don't ask!

I am still working at Ogden City, and feel so blessed to be there. I am well-taken care of and I really do enjoy my job on most days! I work with the greatest people!! I quit Kohl's a few months ago. P and my bishop finally talked me in to it. It's been an adjustment, but a good one!

I am super emotional, sensitive, feisty, sassy, impatient, strong, vocal, and loyal.

I am currently dating one person, but feel pretty lucky that I have been able to date several different people and really allow myself to say "no" to what I didn't want. I also feel super lucky to be dating Mister right now. I go to the gym four nights a week for an hour. I continue to feel my body and my mind getting stronger. It's also "me" time that is healthy and a good outlet for stress. I still love to color and am always doing that when I am just relaxing. I also LOVE being an auntie! I love going and loving on those baby boys.

I love my boys more than words can say. I am so stinking proud of them. They are stronger than they know and better than they believe. They are funny and fun. I love that they still go on dates with me, and that they are the ones who ask to do it!

I love me, too.

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