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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Five Months and Two Months

We had some visitors on Tuesday night. Asher is five months old. Anson is two months old. They are complete opposites! Like, completely and totally opposite. In every way.

Asher is thick. He is built like a tank. He is a spaz! He is all over the place. He does not like to sit and be still. He is loud. He spits all over. He laughs like crazy. He flexes his muscles. He is a hoot!

Anson is so thin. He is long and thin. He is chill. He is completely calm. He is rolling over. The same cannot really be said for his big brother. Asher gets super frustrated going from tummy to back. Anson can just sit or lay down and be happy and content. He puts up with Asher until Asher is really over the top - then he'll let him know!

These boys are SO much fun. They are such a blessing in our family. Their cousins absolutely adore them. I cannot get enough of them. Their mommy and daddy are doing so good! Oh, the boys!!

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