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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Little Less Wisdom

Yesterday morning, Brax had seven treasure boxes of wisdom removed. This kid has had seven operations - four of them life-saving. He was by far the most nervous about this one!! And, he was NOT happy about not being able to eat. Poor Peanut!

The surgery went well and we got home within a couple of hours. The doctor said Wednesday through Friday will be the worst. Because of the amount of teeth, his right side is BAD. It is so swollen that he can't close that side of his mouth. And, it's going to get worse. Awesome! Jackson is in charge today and tomorrow. If they need me, they will call me and I will be right there!

Peanut asked to keep his teeth, thinking the tooth fairy is coming. News alert: The tooth fairy isn't coming! I'll take more pictures when he says it's okay. I don't want to make him feel bad right now.

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