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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lots of Wisdom

Monday, Braxton came to work with me all day because he had an oral surgeon appointment in Ogden that afternoon. He was super well-behaved for the first five hours, then he started to do annoying teenager things, such as: wheel himself around the entire office in a desk chair whilst playing games on his phone, search every drawer in my office for snacks over and over and over again, ask 12569403 questions... the list really goes on and on. Good thing he's cute.
He and I headed to the doctor and found out quickly that the boy has seven wisdom teeth. Seven. Not four. Seven. The doctor said, "Well, that's rare." I guarantee you that I have heard those words regarding my children 1839205837 times. For real. Seven. Ugh. They wanted to do surgery Wednesday. Uh, no. So, Monday is the day. Surgery on Monday for seven dang wisdom teeth. You'd think that seven wisdom teeth would equal a whole lot of wisdom. Unfortunately in Braxton's case, that just isn't the way it's worked out. Good thing he's cute!

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