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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our Fourth

Braxton, Cam, Kaydon, Colton and I headed down to Nana and Pop's house for brunch. Cam is super good with Colton. She played the ABC game with him all the way to Sandy. We had a yummy brunch (none of which I could eat because of this dang challenge) and then watched a movie. Brandon and Carrie brought the boys for an hour, so they were loved on like crazy! Kaydon is a hoot with these boys!! When we got home, I worked out and the two boys chilled. Colton and I played "garbage" for a while. What a fun game! I've never played it before! That Colton is a smarty pants!

We missed Jackson. It's hard for me to have less and less of my babies around for days like this. I am feeling myself being a little sad lately. Time to cheer myself up!

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