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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Props to the People

This single mom gig is something that very few people really plan for. It's not really something that the majority of people esteem to become. If they do, allow me to offer my advice: maybe re-think it.

I am a single mom of four amazing boys. But, I could never do this on my own. Ever. I am fully aware that I never do this on my own. It's not possible to do this gig on your own.

So, props to the people:

1- Props to the Cinemark at Farmington Station. I took the boys to see Spider-man last week. I forgot Colton's ear plugs. No bueno! I went out to the box office to see if they had anything at all that I could borrow. They had these huge head phones that they let him wear for the entire movie. It saved everyone!!

2- Props to the Christensen's in our ward for bringing homemade bread, homemade strawberry jam, and a shake for Braxton yesterday. Thank you!

3- Props to P and my co-workers who are eternally supportive and loving to me!

4- Props to Logan and Skipper. Without them, we could literally not survive. How did I get so blessed?

5- Props to my mama, who calls and tells me to breathe.

6- Props to the bishop who came and picked up Braxton during the last hour of church on Sunday, just to take him for a ride to talk. That man is one of our greatest blessings.

7- Props to the guys at the gym who adore me, who sold me a huge (HUGE) bag of protein powder for $30, when they usually sell it for $200.

8- Props to Bert. I don't know what I would do without him and his big heart.

9- Props to Cam, who is a darling girl, who adores Braxton, but who also adores our family and is so supportive of my boy.

10- Props to everyone who makes us laugh everyday. Laughing is therapy. It's joy. It's Heaven.

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