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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I'll Huff, I'll Puff, I'll Blow Those Candles Out!


Yesterday there was a beautiful vigil held for you and Miss Sarah at the Amphitheater. Christy and Ashley, in Special Events, did an absolutely perfect job. It was extraordinary in the most simple of ways. From the flower arrangement to the podium that you hate, to the words that were spoken. I even spoke some of those words, P. I hope they made you proud of me. Justin told funny stories through tears and so did Monte. They made me laugh really hard. I needed that. Jay, Todd, and Kenton also spoke. Rodeo and Christmas Village spoke. And almost all of OTN was there. I thanked them, personally, for being there. When it was over, everyone lit candles. You blew those candles out repeatedly. The wind would just pick up and all of the candles would go out. It was silly and I giggled out loud. I know it was you. Trying to be funny. Yesterday, it worked.

After the vigil, Miss Camille (one of your very favorites) sent me these:

The Muffin Man would have been honored to be your date to the prom today!!💕You are so brave and strong and did a wonderful job this morning! P would have been so proud of you!! I laughed that he kept blowing out our candles. Still making us smile...

I loved when I was on the phone with him and you'd walk in the room. Hearing how much he loved you and loved to tease you! His entire voice would change when you walked in, I could always tell when you were there with him. I wish there was something to ease the pain of the next 2 proms. Hopefully they will give us some closure and remind us of how many lives he touched and how much he was loved to carry us through the hardest moments. I've thought about your office a few times this past week and I'm so glad he decorated it for you. I hope it still makes you smile and is a reminder of how much you meant to him and how much he loved you.

I loved you, too. I still do. I always will. Tonight is your viewing. You hated all of this. You went to viewings, but not to funerals. You never looked at the caskets. Your focus was straight ahead. Tonight, I'll talk to your family and I will put my hands on your final resting spot. It's our second to last prom tonight, P. I'm all dressed up again. Waiting for my corsage.

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