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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Six Months and Three Months

Last Saturday, the boys and I went and babysat the boys. It was 11 hours of babysitting them and my boys were there the entire time, helping, changing diapers, feeding, burping, playing, laughing, watching Baby Einstein and loving on babies. They all made their schedules so that they could be there - doing that. I found that to be pretty dang impressive!!

Asher is six months old. He rolls all over the place. He is eating solids and LOVES sweet potatoes. He screams and squeals. He loves to be outside. He loves open-mouthed kisses with Auntie. He loves his bath time. He is the funniest, most spunky, feisty baby ever!

Anson is three months old. He is also rolling over. He loves his sleep! He is so chill, still. He is calm and alert and just the complete opposite of this big brother. Although, he also loves to be outside! He loves his swing. He loves to watch Baby Einstein with his brother.

We love these babies so, so much!!!

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