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Friday, September 1, 2017

In The Name of P

On Wednesday night, Sarah's sister, Cori, put some treats with notes on the cars of some of the Water employees. The notes said that it was her 40th birthday and that usually she'd spend her birthday with Sarah, Perry, and the kids. She said that since Perry and Sarah passed away, she was doing a day of kind acts. She asked that it be paid forward.

In the name of Perry and Sarah, Water decided to pay it forward in a big way. They asked for donations to go to Houston and surrounding communities. We donated paper towels, tooth brushes, and other items. Water is donating water, more paper towels and other goods. All in the name of P.

I have missed him a lot this week and started to cry when I saw the amount that this little office came up with for people who are far worse off than we are. In Perry and Sarah's honor. They continue to make a difference with their angel wings in tact. I hope that they see this. I hope that they see that people who love them and miss them are paying it forward in a big way... in their name.

--Special thanks to Sabrina for putting this together.

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