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Monday, September 11, 2017

Sealings and Blessings

This past weekend was all about them babies.

Saturday morning, I went to Brandon and Carrie's. I fed Asher while Carrie fed Anson. Brandon loaded up the cars with everything they would need for the temple. Then, Asher vomited all over the two of us. Brandon described it as looking like, "pigeon poop." Accurate. He washed Asher and I off while Carrie changed. Then, we were off. I kept telling Asher that this was going to be his best day so far. My job was to stay in the nursery with the babes and keep them happy and change their clothes to take them in to the sealing room. They were SO good! They were so tired, but they were little troopers.

When it was time, my mom took Anson and Carrie's mom took Asher. It was a beautiful, beautiful moment. Asher was sealed to his mommy and daddy for time and all eternity. Anson was born under the covenant and was completely uninterested in everything going on. When they came out of the temple, lots of pictures were taken and my boys (as always) ate those babies up!!

Sunday was blessing day. The boys looked so cute. Brandon gave THE most beautiful baby blessings I have ever heard. They were so sacred and so amazing. What a great daddy this brother of mine has become! Carrie looked beautiful and is such a great mama. Those baby boys love her so much.

I just want to say, again for the millionth time, that these boys are such an enormous blessing to our family. My boys absolutely soak them up every chance they get. Kaydon was "angry" in Sacrament meeting yesterday because Asher was being held by other people! It was cracking me and Carrie up. I love that families are forever and I love that Asher is just as much a part of that as the rest of us!

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